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Monday, November 14, 2011

Wind and Courage

Wind and courage, both powerful forces, neither of which can actually be seen. Wind is a force of nature that can move seemingly unmovable objects. Courage is a force inside of us that can help us overcome what seems the impossible. When the winds of turmoil blow around you stand with courage, the storms will pass and you will still be standing tall.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Finding Inner Peace in Times of Change

Letting go and moving on toward the greater plans awaiting us isn’t always easy to do. If you have been accustomed to doing the same thing or being in the same place for years on end and haven’t had much happen in your life to change your routine; then a major life changing event can be overwhelming. An anxious heart and mind can freeze you right in your tracks. We know God is with us but we cannot literally see Him there so our human nature allows doubt to creep in and make us weak. You may be praying earnestly and trying to adjust to the changes with grace and peace and still feel like the world is crashing in. Sometimes prayer can be silent and in that silent prayer where you allow the whispers of Heaven to calm your soul are often the moments when you find your strength and sense of balance and you can move forth. Pause, take a deep breath and let your soul do the praying. You will be amazed at the calmness that engulfs you.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran's Day, while I was walking and enjoying my morning I was thinking about my Son being in the Air Force. The entire time he has served our Country has been a war time. Thankfully he has not been deployed in harms way, I am grateful for that, but I know many others that have. I have to admit I've always respected our military men and women but I never fully grasp the full impact of their service until my Son joined the military. This isn't a life for everyone. Families are often separated by many miles and even oceans, sometimes for years at a time. Sons, daughters, husbands, wives, mother's and father's are separated and loved ones placed in harms way. It is very hard on the families and on the person serving; much harder than anyone can know if they have not experienced it. So when you are going about your day today enjoying your freedom please remember all those that selflessly gave up their lives, gave up their time with families and friends, have left their homes and embarked on a journey that is often fraught with peril. We the people living in this Country owe them a sincere debt of gratitude. Thank you to all who have served and are serving today. May God truly bless you. The attached photo is of my military family and I am very proud of them.